Our members safety is our number one priority

We are a COVID compliant organisation


This policy is based on UK Active’s framework which has been developed in full partnership with the major fitness and leisure operators and has been reviewed by leading medical experts. It has been informed by best practice from international markets where governments are at different stages of managing the COVID-19 crisis and working with their own fitness sectors.

The gym and fitness industry will have a vital role in ensuring the ongoing health and wellbeing of the nation following the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions. We, at Operation Fit, believe that this role has never been more important than at the current time in helping society regain its health. The Government realises how important ‘exercise’ is, and as the Chief Medical Officer stated: “there is no situation, no age, no condition where exercise is not a good thing.”

It is not intended to be exhaustive in covering every possible scenario but aims to provide clear direction for the bootcamp. Instructors can make their own decisions and can go above the standards within this document, but NOT lower.

It is not intended to be exhaustive in covering every possible scenario but aims to provide a clear direction of travel for the sector. Nor is it intended to cover all aspects of every operator: there will be special undertakings for those with specific offerings. Operators can make their own decisions and can go above the standards within this document, but not lower. We are tailoring this as a two-stage opening approach – this document looks at the initial opening period and anticipated social distancing restrictions.

OpFit is approaching re-opening in Lydiard Park as a two-stage process. This policy looks at the initial opening period and anticipated Social Distancing regulations set by Government. Once Social Distancing is relaxed by Government, these protocols will equally be relaxed until normal operations can resume.

Opfit has developed a social distancing safe workout methodology for group exercise.


General Re-opening Guidelines

  • Public Health England (PHE) or equivalent posters will be on display informing customers and staff of social distancing and cleanliness/hygiene protocols throughout the facility.
  • Instructors will commit to the wellbeing of participants, and if they show/have any signs of COVID-19 (temperature, cough and difficulty breathing), they will be sent home to follow Government regulations.
  • Instructors will comply with any health designation documentation that the Government implements.
  • Hand wipes/sanitisers will be on offer (or people will be directed to where they can clean their hands).
  • Instructors will ensure that social distancing is adhered to, further criteria is below.
  • Face masks will not be mandatory for staff unless their role requires this.
  • It is down to the individual participant to take reasonable personal responsibility when taking part in physical activity

Risk Assessment and Site Survey

  • Site specific risk assessments must be conducted (or updated) taking into account the risk associated with exercising in a particular location, e.g. a busy park versus a sparsely occupied one

Communication with Participants and the Public

  • Communications must be issued to participants explaining the protocols, requesting compliance, providing Q&A and ultimately reassuring members.
  • Communications will reiterate that ultimately the member must take all reasonable personal responsibility when taking part in physical activity, including the responsibility not to congregate pre- or post-class.
  • Member Terms and Conditions will be updated giving Operation Fit the automatic right to suspend membership for any member in persistent breach of social distancing guidelines.
  • Instructors should take every opportunity to communicate these safe workout procedures through OpFit’s social media platforms, park social media pages, local businesses and local newspapers etc.
  • A summary of the Safe Workout Protocols for Participants can be prvided on request.

Mandatory Booking System

  • Communications to participants should reiterate that the protocols are for theirs and public safety and that booking into classes in advance is mandatory to avoid overcrowding.
  • Participants who have not booked in will be asked to leave the class for the safety of all other members.
  • Social distancing and cleanliness will be promoted when booking on-line.

Meeting Points

  • Participants should arrive individually and at pre-defined booking times and after registration with the Instructor, should be instructed to move off quickly into the park to their allocated cone.
  • Where possible, workouts should take place away from car parks or other busy areas of the park.

Participants Belongings

  • Participants must always keep belongings with them, at no point should anyone’s belongings be passed between a participant and an instructor including clothing, water bottles, car keys, inhalers, phones etc.
  • Participants will be advised to wash hands before attending classes. Participants will be encouraged to wear their Opfit kit to help identify them as distinct from other park fitness operators and emphasise that they are participating in a safe social distancing workout.

Pre-session Briefings

  • Social Distancing and cleanliness will be promoted by the instructor at the start of the class and throughout the class.
  • Anyone showing symptoms of COVID-19 will be asked to leave the class.

Post-session Briefings

  • Participants will be instructed not to congregate post-session but asked to leave quickly and individually.
  • Instructors should take care to dismiss the participants at the end of session individually or in small groups to minimise the chance that they will breach social distancing rules post-session (e.g. by bunching up on a path or by the van).

Session Structure

  • Instructors must always adhere to the Opfit workout protocols.
  • Classes will be organised in a series of formations in such a way as to comply with social distancing, with appropriate spacing between participants monitored by the instructor throughout the class.
  • Participants must only train at their allocated ‘station’ which shall be indicated by a cone or series of cones creating a clear 2m space around each member.
  • Therefore, only the static exercises are permitted as part of the OpFit workout. Operation Fit will add additional structure to the sessions when they have been tested as safe and compliant with social distancing.
  • Participants must not be instructed to conduct shuttle runs between two points, or run or jog around fixed locations in the park (e.g. lake or a tree) where it may cause them to bunch up and break social distancing rules.
  • Where possible, the areas of a park used for training should be relocated in between classes to avoid the risk of participants training on the same area of ground as another participant

Session Sizes

  • Maximum class sizes will be set by Operation Fit in accordance with Government, Park Authority and UK Active mandate.
  • Initially session sizes will be capped at 30 participants plus the instructor(s)
  • Maximum session sizes will be reviewed by Operation Fit on a weekly basis and will be revised upwards when it is safe and compliant to do so.
  • In order to ensure there is adequate supply of sessions for all participants, the booking system must be used. Participants will be asked to adhere to respectful booking etiquette to give other members the opportunity to book onto sessions.

Session Timings

  • Back-to-back classes should be scheduled so as to allow for time for one group of participants to leave entirely before another group arrives (at least 10 minutes between classes).
  • Instructors must schedule classes at times when parks are less populated, such as early morning and late evening, to reduce the risk of coming into contact with other park users / bystanders.

Session Types

  • Kit based sessions that require sharing of the kit are not permitted during social distancing.
  • Military OpFit and partner-based sessions will start running when it is deemed safe to do so.

Equipment and Equipment Cleaning

  • Equipment must be cleaned in line with Public Health England guidelines.
  • Equipment must be cleaned in between classes and at the start of every day.
  • Hand sanitiser must be used
  • Cones or other markers used should be cleaned in between sessions.


  • Vehicles should not be used to store member possessions
  • Vehicles should be kept clean and tidy and subject to a full weekly cleaning regime

Promoting the Safe Workout

  • Flags and cones should be used to indicate meeting points and safe workout guidelines.
  • The two-metre guidance laminated spots must be used at every session as a visual reminder to participants to keep the 2-metre distance.

Responding to Positive Cases

  • All participants at the class will be informed that a positive case has been confirmed and government guidelines must be followed. https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus